Cyborg: When I get the UFC belt, everyone will know I’m the best

Cyborg: When I get the UFC belt, everyone will know I’m the best

The greatest fighter in women’s mixed martial arts history appeared recently on Submission Radio for a wide-ranging interview that included her fight with Megan Anderson at UFC 214.

“After two years I’m gonna fight in my division at 145 and this has really changed the motive for training,” she said. “I’m training really more motivated because it’s less stress about weight, just focus more on the training. I’m very excited to fight for the belt. And for me, I’m gonna defend my belt and fight Megan Anderson. So for me it’s really nice because she holds the Invicta belt now and I think it will be like a unification. We were supposed to fight before and then it’ll be amazing, we’re gonna fight for title belt in the UFC at 145.”

Cris was asked to comment on Germaine de Randamie’s refusal to defend the 145 title, citing past performance-enhancing drug use.

“I think she’s scared, she don’t want to fight,” said Cyborg. “I don’t think it’s an issue about money. I don’t know, maybe it’s about money, she wants more money, doesn’t see more money. And about saying I’m a cheater, I’m cheater, it’s the same excuse Ronda Rousey before I was gonna fight her – ‘Oh she’s cheater.’ Everybody saw when she fought someone who punched like Holly Holm did to her, then she retired and then all the girls, no one fights me and find excuses they don’t want to fight me and they call me cheater.”

“I have the same program that all the fighters in the UFC – USADA. And the first fight before the UFC, I signed one year with USADA. USADA testing me before all my fights, before I went to the UFC for one year and then this is proof I’m a clean athlete.”

“I think Megan Anderson is coming from four KO’s and I think she’s holding the Invicta [title] and I think she likes to strike too like me. I think it will be exciting for all my fans, but you know, in MMA you can have any plans and then you can do ground game, stand up game. I think you have a lot of options for what you can do. But everybody knows my game, everybody knows I like to go KO my opponent and I don’t think this fight is gonna be different. And if she’s prepared for this then I’ll give a nice fight for everyone.”

“If I get hold of the UFC’s belt, I think I think people are gonna see me as, ‘Ah, she’s the world champ, she’s the best in the world.’ I think, not just a couple of fans, the real UFC are gonna respect me, cause I’m ten years undefeated. [if] I hold the [UFC featherweight belt] this will be the third belt I’m gonna hold and maybe if I hold this belt I have respect from them. And for me, you know, the belt for me, it doesn’t mean nothing. I really like to go inside the cage and then do my best over there for all my fans because they make the show happen.”

“If I get the UFC belt I’m gonna have to stay one year, because it’s in the champion contract. And I have two fights left in the contract and probably gonna finish in December and then probably if I get the belt I have to stay one year and have the belt. But let’s see. I want to keep trying to work with the UFC, but if it doesn’t work, you know, not something I can control and then let’s see what’s gonna happen.”


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